1.What is the life of wallpaper?

The life of wallpaper generally depends on its maintenance which is around 8 to 10 years. The life of wallpaper also depends on climate changes as it can affect wallpaper’s durability.

2.Does wallpaper require any maintenance?

Maintenance of Wallpaper & Wallcovering. Wallpapers installed on walls catch a lot of daily dirt and dust. Keeping your wallpaper clean is a key to maintaining its look, beauty and durability.  Cleaning wallpaper depends on the type of wallpaper that whether it is washable, non-washable or scrubbable.

3.Can wallpaper be installed on all walls?

Yes, Wallpaper Installation - Preparing Your Walls. Every great journey begins with one small step. And when it comes to hanging wallpaper, the first step is one of the most important. Wallpaper can't cling to greasy, dirty walls, old wallpaper or paint.

4.Can wallpaper be installed on painted walls?

Yes, wallpapers can be installed on painted walls also but are suggestible that the walls should not be oil painted walls.Be it luster, glossy, plastic or oil painted wall, wallpaper can be installed to any kind of painted wall. The wall needs to be primer coated before painted.

6.Is painting compulsory on walls?

No, wallpapers are installed for having a better look for rooms, offices and it is suggested having wallpapers on rooms, or offices places a good impact on the viewer.

7.How much wastage will be there during wallpaper installation?

Well, the amount of wastage will depend on the wall type that whether it is a plain or partitioned wall. The approximate wastage during wallpaper installation will be around 5 to 10% depending on the wall type.Usually wallpaper comes in double rolls, this saves on waste. Do not discard leftover wallpaper, you never know if your installed wallpaper will become damaged, and need.