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One of the famous architects in Hyderabad has ordered a unique & expensive YORK brand wallcovering for his client which have been completely destroyed during installation by the installer which caused a huge wastage of material, time & energy. We have come across similar stories from different interior designers & architects. We have observed a skilled worker shortage in the Wallpaper installation industry. This has given us an idea to start WIC.

Company policy is very simple, to give a proper on time & quality service to the client and educate the client about the do's & don'ts of the wallpaper maintenance. 

All our Installers are certified by Design Walls - The Wallpaper Company. Certification is given based on the knowledge about the wallpaper, different kinds of walls, through knowledge about the adhesive,  square foot installed. 

Our Mission is to make the wallpaper industry more beneficial by supplying quality installers and maintain professionalism in the work.  We are conducting regular knowledge sharing sessions to the installers and grade them based on their skill.